Summer Challenge – Day Forty Two

So after yesterday’s huge session and the fact that it took days to prepare for, I started trying to justify not doing today.  I did four kids yesterday so I can count four days right?  I won’t let myself skip a day.  I am really good at finding excuses and not seeing things to completion and I am trying really, really hard not to let me sabotage myself.

Yesterday was so high stress I took today really low key.  First we went to the horse and I had gotten some pictures of him.  And I considered counting that for today… but since he isn’t a human child, and at about 20 years old he can’t be considered a child in the human world or the animal world, I convinced my four year old to blow me some bubbles instead.




Oh… and the horse. 😉


Miss E’s Baptism – Utah Childrens Photographer

I had been planning my session with my children for a while when my dear friend asked me if I would be willing to do pictures for her daughters upcoming baptism.  UM YES!  We were discussing locations and ideas and I told her I want to do them someplace I haven’t used before and I invited her to come with us to the lavender fields and we would do them there.  After her portraits, we would do both of the kids with the set up I was planning for my own kids.  Well, despite her getting WAY lost and there being absolutely NO cell phone service for her to reach me and she was ready to give up and go home when she stumbled on the right freeway exit, the pictures turned out beautiful and I am so in love with them.












Summer Challenge – Day Forty One

I’m forcing myself to sit at the computer and write today’s post.  I am so very, very tired.  As you know already (that is, if you read my blog, which I know you do because you love me right?) I spent the last couple of days sewing a costume for my daughter for today’s big shoot.  The boys were easy, but my daughters was not.  I really dislike sewing.  I can do it, but I really prefer to pay someone else to do it for me.  But I had to be ready for today.

There is a lavender farm here in Utah.  Rows and rows of beautiful purple flowers which bloom into the summer.  I have wanted to do portraits there for two years, but I always miss it.  The plan for today was to make the hourish drive down to Mona and photograph my children in the lavender.  I had already made the reservation and since the harvest is happening next week, and all the lavender will be gone, I had to do the session today.  I was up until almost 2 AM finishing the costume and the head piece.  Then the plan was to be up at 6 AM to get to my moms at 7 AM so my sister in law could do my daughters hair.  At 5:30 AM I got a text from my brother, his wife was having an allergic reaction and they were going to the ER.  She is okay, thankfully, but plans changed.  I let the kids sleep a little extra and then got my daughter up to curl her hair myself with my really cheap and crappy curing iron.  It took over an hour!  But it looked fantastic.

Thankfully, I had loaded the car the night before so I just put all the kids in their buckles and headed out.  We weren’t too late, only about 20 minutes later than I wanted to get there, so it was good.  The downer was the gray skies.  I was worried it was going to rain on us, but it didn’t and really the clouds don’t look too terrible.

We got there, got the kids dressed and I set up and then I remembered really quickly why I attempt a portrait of my four children in one picture only ONCE every year.

My monologue directed at my children went something like this:
“You, sit here.  Now you, sit there.  You and you, there and there.  Turn here.  Stop picking your nose.  Look here.  Sit back down!  Hold this.  Look here.  No, look here!  Hold still.  Look here!  Smile.  No, SMILE!  Let go of your sister!  Look at me! Now!  If you don’t sit still, look at me and smile you are going to be grounded for a week!  I said don’t pick your nose!  Don’t pout!  LOOK AT ME DANG IT!”

There was more to this scene, but you get the idea.  Anyhow, I have a whole year before I have to try this again…. right?

But it was all worth the effort.  I am so happy with the effort and the results and as a reward for “good” behavior, I took the kids to Trafalga! (Or, as my four year old calls it, and the rest of us have adopted the translation “Triggerfalga”.)












And then, while I was shooting, we got a visitor.  A gentleman who is a landscape photographer, told me about some nearby ponds that would be beautiful for these.  I was determined to go but three out of four children had already changed back into their normal clothing, so my youngest was my subject for this quick little jaunt to the ponds.  I would love to go back and do some more there as it really was a pretty area.




Summer Challenge – Day Forty

I know, it’s another half effort post.  We spent the day running errands and sewing costumes for my big shoot tomorrow.  So tomorrow’s post will be a big deal but tonight, it’s my swim kids.  They love the pool and with the horse keeping us busy, we haven’t been to the pool.  I love their wet faces.

I promised I would get in the water if they let me take their pictures.




Summer Challenge – Day Thirty Nine

Today was a rare day, spent 100% at home. I didn’t go anywhere.  Why?  Because I spent the whole day working on a costume for a shoot I am planning for Thursday.  I pulled out the sewing machine, something I try to do a little as possible, but every time I do pull it out, my little seamstress must sew with me.  Today she made a whole outfit for her American Girl Doll and a matching skirt for herself.  She doesn’t use a pattern.  She makes it up.  She’s made some pretty creative things, including little stuffed animals she’s given to her siblings and friends, that she sewed entirely by hand.



Summer Challenge – Day Thirty Eight

Remember my story about how I used to do all of the dirty work to clean up my friends horse for 15 minutes of riding time.  Well, now I get to do all that on my own horse for as much riding time as I want.  To say I am smitten would be an understatement.  I love this beautiful boy.  When I leave the stable I feel the same way I do after a photoshoot, full filled and content.   I love being there with my kids.  I love how my littlest sneaks him greenery to snack on and my older two love cleaning his hooves.  One of these days I’ll get a picture of me and him, but for now, it’s these two.







Summer Challenge – Day Thirty Seven

The hardest part about this challenge is the days when I have to throw something together and am just at home.  Trying to come up with so many different places and ways to do pictures within twenty yards or so of your front door is really challenging.

I was half asleep, trying to attempt a much needed nap, when the thunder woke me.  I forced myself to go back to sleep while thinking, “I should really get up and do something in the rain”.  I didn’t, and I missed the actual rain.  So when I did get up I forced my not so willing six year old into a raincoat and boots and attempted, at the very least, to find a decent puddle.  This was all that was left and we took advantage.  The puddle jumping lightened his mood and he was somewhat cooperative.





Summer Challenge – Day Thirty Six

It was another quick on.  A “son stand there, smile, good” type day.  I took these about noon but am just getting them onto the computer because I was second shooting a wedding with an awesome photographer today.  I just got home and am thankful for the chance to put my angry feet up.

Summer Challenge – Day Thirty Five

It was another last minute shoot today.  Being a holiday weekend we have been busy.  I thought, since it had been stormy I would put my son in a raincoat, but my daughter, insulted I hadn’t used her in a while, insisted.  This was the outfit she came up with and she did all the poses herself.  I’ve also been playing at shooting wide open.  I don’t usually, but I’m loving the results.




Summer Challenge – Day Thirty Four

I literally put this off until last minute.  I had this idea in my head to do a rear curtain sync with my flash and get my child watching fireworks with fireworks in the picture.  This was me testing the flash and making sure it was lighting correctly…


Then the fireworks started and they were directly above my head.  So my idea of getting my kid in the shot went up in smoke.   So I decided to get one of them watching fireworks.

This one was lit by my speedlight.

This one was lit by the grand finale, and it’s my favorite.

And I will finish by posting a picture of fireworks.  Taken tonight at the Pleasant Grove City show.   They always put on a great show.