Summer Challenge – Day Forty Five

It was a bad day.  The kind of day that leaves a mother counting the days until school starts again.  I love my children.  I do not love my children teasing each other and fighting and not listening when mother says “Stop that this instant!”  But the wise Bill Cosby reminds me that “all children are brain dead” and we simply have to hope for a better day tomorrow.

I had a plan for today, but couldn’t get it together.  I thankfully brought my camera to my kids horseback riding lessons today because there was literally no other chance today to do anything worthwhile and I am not sure I would have had the patience by the end of the day anyway.   Also, my kids love their lessons.  I love that this is becoming part of our lives.  I love that we are totally becoming fully horse people.  And I love the proud feeling I get seeing them up there in their grubbies and helmets and gaining this unique confidence.




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