Summer Challenge – Day Thirty Three

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, so I wanted to do this shoot today so it could be up for tomorrow.

There is a lot of military in our family.  My husband has an uncle and a cousin who served in the United States Army and another cousin who served in the Air Force.  I have cousins and cousins through marriage who have served in the National Guard, Marines and Army.

My husbands grandfather, Byron Wilkerson, served in World War II, he was a SeaBee, Navy Construction Battalion.  He build airstrips and roads in North Africa, France and Okinawa and was a heavy equipment operator.

My own grandfather, Samuel McAdams, served in World War II as a gunners mate.  He would keep the machines and ammo going while his ship, along with others, would escort the Merchant Marines across dangerous waters to their destinations.

My grandfather was my hero.  I loved him so much.  I had always wanted to name my first born son after him.  He passed away before any of my children were born and they never got to meet him.  But when we discovered our second child was a boy, I was determined to keep my promise to myself that he would have my grandfathers name.  It took some crying, pleading, begging and threatening, but eventually, my husband gave in and my son was named Samuel.

Sam (my grandfather also went by Sam) loves hearing stories of his grandfather.  He is a Redskins fan strictly because Great Grandpa Sam was a Redskins fan.  He has the same kindness and tenderness I remember in my Grandfather and I love that about him.

Today, as a tribute to our Independence, which the men and women in the Armed Forces and in my own family, have fought for.  I took my Sam out in this vintage Navy uniform I had found a long time ago, but it finally fits him and it was just the right time to do this portrait session in dedication to all of our military family, but mostly, to my Grandfather and my husbands Grandfather, who served our country in the Navy during one of the most famous wars in History.  I am so proud of them and proud that my children have their legacy’s to look to.









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