Austin: High School Senior

For those who know me, this is completely out of character for me to photograph a graduating senior.  However, this young man has a special place in my heart.  I grew up next door to his mother and grandma, and then after I got married, we moved into the house again.  This young man was about eight years old, and he and his family were again living with his grandparents.   He was always a good kid and a lot of fun.  It had literally been years when his little sister (whom I didn’t recognize at all) recognized me at the store and said that he was graduating and would be leaving on a mission next year.   I gave her my card and told her to have her grandma call me because I would love to do his missionary pictures when he leaves (I don’t normally photograph people over the age of twelve, but I do enjoy photographing missionaries).  Well, his grandma called and asked if I would do his senior pictures.  I couldn’t say no.   And oh, it was so much fun to talk, and catch up, and see how wonderful this young man is doing.  He is an artist, and on the Orem High Golf team, working two jobs and is just a stellar young man.  I am so glad I got to do these portraits for him.



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