He Makes Me Melt

Yes, this is a mommy moment.  The weather is nice and I have been itching to shoot an early Baptism session of my guy since he got his “new” (well, new to us anyway) suit.  I am still working on the images, but this one caught me.  I remember when he was a baby he had these big eyelashes.  Everyone commented on them.  Big, beautiful, blue eyes and eyelashes to match.  I had forgotten about them until I captured this.  Look at those lashes.  You can actually see them when he is being sweet and not hamming it up for the camera (like 98% of the rest of the pictures).  So I had to share because I love this kid, and his lashes.

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  1. Kami Averett March 10, 2012 at 10:22 pm #

    Ahhhh….he is a cutie! And those lashes are to die for. If he needs a date to prom in 10 years look me up, I have a now 6 year old daughter who’d likely melt for him too. 😉

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