Summer Challenge – Day Sixty One aka The End

I had thought about trying to drag this project out until school started, but that’s in 21 days and I don’t know if I have the ideas or the energy.  This has been a fun and crazy experience.  Lots of wonderful images of my kids and a summer we will NEVER forget.

I decided to end with the same kid I started with.  He has really been the least cooperative of all of the kids so I asked if he would do the last picture and he said he would.  So I decided to take him out back and I wanted him to climb on the fence and look over at me.  We were both in bare feet so he jumped over the prickly weeds to the fence… little did we know there was a hole in the other side of the fence where a large group of wasps decided to build a nest.  THEY SWARMED and he was stung on the cheek twice.  He was a good sport and still stood for me to quickly take a picture, but it was quick before the sting started to hurt and he sure tried to smile, but the poor guy was done.

We did these two and then went inside to make a baking soda paste to put on the stings.  Twenty minutes later, no pain and he was happy as could be.



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