Summer Challenge – Day Fifty Nine

This may or may not be cheating, but since I am the one who made this challenge I get to decide the rules right?  So I say it’s not technically cheating.

Today started awesome.  It was a beautiful, cool morning which we spent at the stable.  I rode Smokem in the open pasture and got him into a canter, which I haven’t cantered a horse since I was about 15, so this is a big deal.  And then, feeling so good, I just let him run.  Full out gallop and oh, it felt so wonderful.  He got to work out and move like he has been needing to and I felt such a connection while getting to ride him.

Then, while riding, I started getting texts.  You see, today marks day one of the four days of judging for the International Print Competition with the PPA.  I pulled my hair out putting together a case and I wasn’t thrilled with it.  I felt I could have done so much better.   But I entered, feeling only one of the four had a chance to merit, if any.  They started a new system today and I got three texts while at the stable, not one, not two, but THREE texts telling me my prints merited.  They will now go on to further judging to determine if they will go loan (which is a big deal…).  I should have stayed at the stable because when I left I got the fourth text, and it wasn’t good news. But still 3/4 is the best I have ever done and I am really happy.

And then one thing lead to another and then it was bedtime and guess what… I didn’t do any pictures.  Nope, I didn’t.  However… the day I did my Linus in the pumpkin patch, I had photographed my youngest at the park that day, because I didn’t plan on doing Linus until basically right before we went and did them, so I did two that day and now you get to see the second one I did that day because otherwise I would be a total fail.  So technically, I have done 59 portraits, I just didn’t do this one today. Buy discount

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This was the moment he saw me with the camera.  Yes, he ran away.

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