Summer Challenge – Day Fifty Seven

Today was my kids first horse show.  They have been training with my friends horses, so they weren’t going to be riding Smokem today.  However, last minute, decided not to compete.  He is still a little nervous after falling, though he keeps getting back on, and he was nervous about the crowd and people watching him.  I did convince him to come and watch and at least see what it was like.

Well, since he wasn’t going to be competing, I brought my saddle and last minute entered myself.  I had never ridden this horse, and have never neck reigned in my life, but what the heck.  So it became my daughter and I’s first horse show.   She did fantastic, getting a ribbon in every event she entered, including first place in the walk/trot class.  Me… I came in dead last in both barrels and poles.  But we both had so much fun!











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