Summer Challenge – Day Fifty Two

I’m still frustrated with how yesterday’s picture went so today, I literally didn’t want to do anything.  I pushed it out of my brain and didn’t think about it all day, until five minutes ago.  I realized I had completely lost the desire to try today and I think that frustrated me more.  So with the sun setting and no plans, I decided to do something of nothing.  The every day activities my kids love, all of them, and one of them is Lego’s.

Growing up my siblings and I never got Lego’s.  “I’m not picking them up!” My mom would tell us.  So we never got Lego’s.  I was of the same mindset too.  I didn’t want to be picking them up after my kids so I never bought them.  But Christmas 2011, something broke inside me and I decided my kids needed Lego’s.  They got a couple of tubs of Lego’s for Christmas, and then Lego sets for birthdays and then I scored and found a HUGE bag of random Lego’s at D.I. and now we have a gianormous collection and they are never neglected.  All of my kids love them and when they pull them out they can play for hours building stuff.  We finally had to make a rule that we could take a picture, but then all things built must be returned to the bucket.  They were saving every little construction and the world fell apart if it broke or was taken apart.  Things are much better now and I love the imaginations my kids have playing with these tiny bricks.  And though I occasionally pick them up, for the most part, they take care of that and I do not regret getting them.





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