Summer Challenge – Day Fifty One

Seriously, if there was a day not to do the challenge it was today.  I wanted to do images of my other two kids, old fashioned costumes and processing, like the Cowboy and Indian pictures, to print and frame in antique picture frames.  I found this dress from the 1950’s.  It reminds me of the outfits of my mom and her sisters from when they were little.  It’s so perfect.

I was going to do the images after my husband’s meeting at the church was done, I figured about 8:00, but as time went on and the light started to fade, I realized he was not going to be home in time.  I got my daughter in the costume, did her hair and threw her and the two boys I had with me in the car.  The only place I could think of, since we were running out of time, was the stairs at the developmental center.  We rushed there, as the light was fading and at the last minute, I decided to stand her on the sidewalk first.  I got ONE shot, when some crabby security guard came out and told us we weren’t allowed to be there.  He was not kind about it at all, and people like that, I don’t care what the motives are, there is no reason to treat people so rudely.   No one deserves to be talked down to out of the blue.  Some people, well, they ask for it.  But mostly, people should be treated with respect and I am tired of the sheer lack of respect and kindness in our society.  Maybe that’s why I daydream about life 50-100 years ago.  Things seemed so much more simple and for the most part, people were good to each other, at least, I’d like to believe they were.

So here is the one image I took tonight.  And I am going to bed.

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