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Miss E’s Baptism – Utah Childrens Photographer

I had been planning my session with my children for a while when my dear friend asked me if I would be willing to do pictures for her daughters upcoming baptism.  UM YES!  We were discussing locations and ideas and I told her I want to do them someplace I haven’t used before and I invited her to come with us to the lavender fields and we would do them there.  After her portraits, we would do both of the kids with the set up I was planning for my own kids.  Well, despite her getting WAY lost and there being absolutely NO cell phone service for her to reach me and she was ready to give up and go home when she stumbled on the right freeway exit, the pictures turned out beautiful and I am so in love with them.












High On The Mountain Top: Utah Baptism Photography

Once a year, for about a month, the wildflowers bloom at Albion basin.  Oh what a sight it is.  Breathtaking views and a carpet of colors as far as you can see.  I drove up all the way up there, and so did these families to bring their children to have their portraits in the wildflowers and… thanks to a dry winter and a mild summer, we missed them.  But the images I did get of these fantastic children are still wonderful.

And if you have a child turning eight next year, late summer or early fall, and you want to take advantage of this beautiful location our wonderful state has to offer, start planning now so we don’t miss them again.




Stripling Warriors – Utah Childrens Baptism Photographer

Three handsome young men.

All turning eight.

All have chosen to be Baptized.

Valiant Mr. K. – Utah Childrens Baptism Photographer

We wanted to do portraits of Mr. K. in front of the Timpanogos Temple, but wouldn’t you know that the morning we got there it was covered in scaffolding and orange netting as they were fixing some of the exterior.  We got creative and still had a lot of fun!




He’s Eight!

The thing that is tough for me about this little guy getting baptized is that it means that my little guy isn’t far off.  Two years ago his older brother and my daughter were baptized on the same day.   Now the next set of kids will be choosing to be baptized.  They just grow up too fast.



He’s Eight! – Utah Childrens Baptism Photographer

I can’t believe this dude is already eight!  Congratulations on your decision to be Baptized!



Beautiful Eight Year Old!

I love this little girl and was so glad I got to take these for her baptism next month!  She was very patient with me and tolerated all of my goofy faces.




Just A Little Fun

It’s not all serious business when doing a photo shoot.  This was a fun one to take at the end of my son’s photo shoot.

And sometimes it hard for little brother when big brother is getting all the attention.

Okay, you can do some too!

What A Handsome Young Man

This is probably one of the best looking kids I have ever photographed, and no, it’s not just because it’s my kid… okay, it probably is.  This is my second child and the oldest of my three boys.  We finally got a suit and even though he doesn’t turn eight until August, I simply couldn’t help taking him out into the field by our house and taking some portraits of him.  The weather is finally warming up and the sun is setting later so it’s prime time to go out and play.

I love this boy.  His eyes, those lashes, his toothless grin… Even when he hams it up, he just has me wrapped around his finger.




A little ham?


He thinks he is hilarious!


I said “Okay, now look cool.”  It doesn’t get much cooler.

I love his toothless smile.

I do wish he wasn’t growing up so fast though.


He Makes Me Melt

Yes, this is a mommy moment.  The weather is nice and I have been itching to shoot an early Baptism session of my guy since he got his “new” (well, new to us anyway) suit.  I am still working on the images, but this one caught me.  I remember when he was a baby he had these big eyelashes.  Everyone commented on them.  Big, beautiful, blue eyes and eyelashes to match.  I had forgotten about them until I captured this.  Look at those lashes.  You can actually see them when he is being sweet and not hamming it up for the camera (like 98% of the rest of the pictures).  So I had to share because I love this kid, and his lashes.