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The "L" Children

I can’t tell you how much I loved this session.  These kids, as young as they are, were just a dream to photograph.  They didn’t fight or fuss or run away as  most kids these ages will, and they are so CUTE!  Oh, “L” family, can I photograph them all again just for giggles?  Please?

The Brady Family!

It’s just family season and this family made my job so easy.  I didn’t have to tell one child to stop making a funny face or to look at me.  They were ready and willing and was just a dream session.

Here is your sneak peek Brady Family!

The Grant Family

As we did pictures for three families in one day, it just kept getting colder and colder.  By the time it was the Grant Family’s turn it was lightly sleeting and freezing cold!  We hurried to get pictures before it really came down on us and the kids did great despite the cold.

The Felt Family

We didn’t expect the weather to be as bad as it got but these poor kids were such troopers in the cold.   They were so much fun and the littlest was just a delight!  Thank you so much for letting me capture these moments for your family!

The Hardman Family

I seriously love this family of nine.  They were so easy and FUN!  I know every family worries that their kids didn’t cooperate and they didn’t get any images that were any good so I was REALLY tempted to tell Mom and Dad that this was the best shot we got.

Ha ha ha!  No, not at all.

So here is the REAL sneak peek for the Hardman Family!