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Boys and Snakes

We live in an area where we are frequented by these little critters (both boys and snakes) and my oldest son loves to go on “snake hunts”.  He’ll catch one, the kids will decide on a name, hold it for a while, then let them go.  It’s just something that happens here every summer.  Thanks to my second grade teacher, who had a boa constrictor in our classroom, I’ve never been squeemish about these things.  I’ll even catch the snakes if the boys aren’t close by, so they can name them, hold them and let them go.

Did Someone Say CUPCAKES?

Those who know me understand and accept my addiction to those delicious little treats and the local cupcakeries that feed that habit.  Most know that when they ask me where to go, the #1 place on my list is Dippidee in Lehi.  I mean, talk about heaven on a plate!

This is still one of my favorite images, taken last year, of their red velvet cake.

I don’t get out there as often as I like, in fact, I think I need to make a special trip and pick up some goodies I can hide from the kids in the back of the fridge.

The problem is that I have found that photographing cupcakes is FUN!  I can’t get enough.  My head is filled with ideas.  Well, I couldn’t wait anymore.  I decided I needed to learn how to make pretty cupcakes.   So I researched online, I bought books and I bent the ear of my friend, who made these:

Well, I finally got up the courage to make my first batch ever of home made butter cream frosting.  To be honest, it wasn’t good.  In my butter cream, add a little more emphasis on the BUTTER than the cream, and you might understood what it tasted like.  It did, however, make for a pretty decoration.

Here is my first self frosted cupcake.

So not bad right?  Yeah, it looks so much better than it tasted!  LOL!

Well, I am getting better.   Though I have yet to make a cake from scratch, (I totally cheat and use box mixes) my frostings are improving, in taste anyway.    Here are a couple from some semi successful attempts.

Lemon cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting:

Lemon cake with lemon butter cream and coconut:

Vanilla cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting and pretty pearls:

I know, these will never be as good as the sweet creations at my favorite haunt, but for pictures, thankfully, they don’t actually have to taste good, just look like it.

And my new motto:

Happy Birthday to Me!

I have to say that I am THRILLED that so little people remembered my birthday this year.  It’s over, and it was quiet and wonderful that way.  I hate a lot of attention on my birthday.  I just want a lot of attention every other day.  Is that too much to ask?

So why do I bring it up you ask?

Well, because this year I got the two best presets ever.  Like in my whole life and I had to share them.

The first was from my hubby.   I was home from church with our sick little one and he sent me a text telling me where I could find my gift.  I thought about waiting to open it until he got home, but that thought lasted about 30 seconds, and the long beautiful jewelery box was opened.  Inside it had the most beautiful bracelet.  It had emeralds, which he chose in memory of our sweet baby Charlie, whom we lost in May (Emeralds are the May birthstone), and it also has the infinity or eternity symbol.  This is how I have always felt about my Charlie.  He never got to join our family in this life, but he is still my baby, and I look forward to holding him in the next life, forever.

I cried when I saw it, a few times, and I cried again as I wrote this.  It just means so much to me.  It’s the best gift I have ever received.

Now, present number two!  Not nearly as beautiful, not even close to sentimental and yes, I bought it for myself.  Actually, when I went to wash this before the first “use” it felt very wrong to be placing this into hot soapy water.  It looks at feels so much like the real thing, I was sure I was going to ruin it by getting it wet.  But no, its fine, and functions as it should, as the coolest mug on the planet.  I filled it with DARK Hot Chocolate, as I am a real woman and real women always go dark, and flavored it naturally with a bit of peppermint candy cane.

Seriously, every photographer should have one of these, and yes, if you are not cool enough to be a Canon shooter, they make a Nikon version.

More Beautiful Cupcakes

So I am pretty sure I have the sweetest job, and in more ways than one.   Here are more of these beautiful cupcakes.  I can’t believe the detail this woman puts into every little cupcake.  These were for a little girls birthday party.  Can you imagine something like this at your child’s baptism or wedding?!   Her website will be up soon and I will send you all her way as soon as it is.

Beautiful Cupcakes!

Last week I got the chance to shoot some portfolio shots for a new cupcake maker in town. She is just getting started building her site so I will send you a link as soon as I have one.

These cupcakes are not only delicious but beautiful works of art. Each one had detailed works down to the tiny flowers on the vines and it was a lot of fun for me to do these images to show off her elegant work.


I rented a lens today that I have been considering purchasing and played some with the macro mode and did some of the beautiful flowers and blossoms that are finally making their appearances.