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Back To School

It’s been a while…

Yes, I need to update this with all I have been up to this past year.  It’s been crazy!  Last year was my busiest year ever and I have the most amazing clients to thank for that.   As my work started to slow down, as it always does in January and the beginning of the new years, we learned we would be moving.  I spent the next couple of months cleaning and painting and mending and packing and getting ready for that big event.  Now I am cleaning and mending and painting our townhouse to get it ready to rent out.  On top of that, school portraits are starting back up, as are football portraits, and it’s back to school.  Just to add to my busy fall, I’ve started homeschooling two of my boys!  My youngest will get to go to a private kindergarten and my oldest child, my daughter, was too excited about Jr. High to let me convince her to homeschool.  She went back to school today and the boys and I got to work.

My daughter had very specific requests for back to school.  The number one item was her outfit which HAD to include bell bottoms!  I love this kid!  Here is my styling 7th grader!

cocktail dress


And even though we are doing home school, it’s still school, so back to school cocktail dress portraits for my boys.  I’m still doing work with my Kindergartener until his school starts in two weeks so he gets to be included.


My 5th grader.  He will not cut his hair.


My second grader!  He refuses to have hair!

wedding  from fashion  amazingdress


And my  baby boy.  Yes, it’s time for a haircut.  No, I’m not cutting it too short. 🙂



Back to School Portrait Event – Utah School Photographer

I’m having my Back to School portrait event coming up on September 8th! If you know me, you know I don’t like repeating myself too often so I try to give you variety when I do my sets each year. I’m getting great feedback on this year’s set, which I just love. Here is a peek at when you ‘ll get with this year’s school portraits.

Check my Facebook Page for details on times and to make an appointment!





It’s also the perfect set for High School and Jr. High School kids!





School Portraits 2011-2012

This years school portrait theme is a fun one.  Those who know me know how much I like to mix it up and I really dislike doing the same theme two years in a row.

This year I got a great backdrop from  It looks like a chalkboard!  What better for school portraits than a chalkboard?!

So here is a preview of this year’s school portraits.

Traditional portrait:

And with every package purchase, this awesome keepsake gift print personalized for each child.


(*This awesome print may only be available this year.  I will have to decide before next years portraits if it will be offered as a gift next year, or an add on to the package purchase.)

Candy and Cutie

I was totally just messing around this morning and my two year old could not resist coming to check out what mommy was doing with the candy on the table and not high out of reach where he shouldn’t be able to get it but still does because he is the most stealthy little creature on the planet and “child proof” is not in his dictionary.

So here is a fav of the candy jars.

And here is my HUGE two year old… okay, not two yet, but he will be in two days and since he is as big as a 3 year old it doesn’t much matter anyway does it.  But really, could he be cuter with that California blond curly hair?  Nope.  And I am chomping at the bit to find out who taught my kids to say “cheese”!  They shall have a good talking to I tell you what!

Professional Headshots

Professional headshots are now available for small businesses and corporations. Shot at your location to interrupt your busy schedule as little as possible. Contact me for full details and a personalized quote for your company!