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Summer Challenge – Day Fifty Seven

Today was my kids first horse show.  They have been training with my friends horses, so they weren’t going to be riding Smokem today.  However, last minute, decided not to compete.  He is still a little nervous after falling, though he keeps getting back on, and he was nervous about the crowd and people watching him.  I did convince him to come and watch and at least see what it was like.

Well, since he wasn’t going to be competing, I brought my saddle and last minute entered myself.  I had never ridden this horse, and have never neck reigned in my life, but what the heck.  So it became my daughter and I’s first horse show.   She did fantastic, getting a ribbon in every event she entered, including first place in the walk/trot class.  Me… I came in dead last in both barrels and poles.  But we both had so much fun!











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Summer Challenge – Day Forty Nine

The days seem to be meshing together and sometimes I really have to think back and make sure I did something for the day.  This morning, as we do a couple times a week, we visited Smokem.  Watching him, back lit in the arena doors, I wanted to do a picture, but I actually wanted one of me.  I adjusted the camera settings and set the focus and handed the camera to my daughter.  We did a couple before I had one that I liked.  After I was done, she and my son both wanted to have one done as well.  So today’s portrait includes me.  I’ll share the one my daughter took, as well as the two I did of them.



Summer Challenge – Day Forty Two

So after yesterday’s huge session and the fact that it took days to prepare for, I started trying to justify not doing today.  I did four kids yesterday so I can count four days right?  I won’t let myself skip a day.  I am really good at finding excuses and not seeing things to completion and I am trying really, really hard not to let me sabotage myself.

Yesterday was so high stress I took today really low key.  First we went to the horse and I had gotten some pictures of him.  And I considered counting that for today… but since he isn’t a human child, and at about 20 years old he can’t be considered a child in the human world or the animal world, I convinced my four year old to blow me some bubbles instead.




Oh… and the horse. 😉


Summer Challenge – Day Fifteen

So I was out running errands today, getting everything ready for tomorrow (Fathers Day) and I had my eight year old and my four year old.  And I said I needed to do a picture of someone, and my eight year old immediately volunteered.  He has not complained once and it just might turn into “the summer of Sam” with him being so willing.  I asked what he wanted to do and he said “I volunteered, you have to figure out what to do.”

Fair enough.

So we got home and he was on the floor with his brothers playing with Lego’s and our dog walked right onto the pile of Lego’s and started whimpering at him.

Let me tell you about our dog, Lucy.  Lucy dog is older than any of our children.  We got her and two others before ever having kids.  Through circumstances, in the end, Lucy is the only one still with us.  She has been a playmate and a chair, a protector and a teddy bear.  She loves our kids and always has.  She is getting older now and has slowed down and doesn’t do much.  She is going blind and deaf and sheds everywhere, but we love her.  And she LOVES Sam.  He is the go-to person if she feels she isn’t getting enough attention (which is always).  She noses him and whines at him and he always gives in and she knows he always will.  He is her favorite.  It’s that little moment, when she whined at him over the Lego’s that inspired today’s portrait.

A boy and his dog.

And he loves his dog.

Boys and Snakes

We live in an area where we are frequented by these little critters (both boys and snakes) and my oldest son loves to go on “snake hunts”.  He’ll catch one, the kids will decide on a name, hold it for a while, then let them go.  It’s just something that happens here every summer.  Thanks to my second grade teacher, who had a boa constrictor in our classroom, I’ve never been squeemish about these things.  I’ll even catch the snakes if the boys aren’t close by, so they can name them, hold them and let them go.

Puppy Love

A dear friend of mine came into town from Minnesota.  So a bunch of photographers she knows got together and had some fun, because that’s what we do.  One gal brought her sweet bulldog puppy.  I wanted to take her home with me so badly.

My Princess

Yes, we have two birthdays, two days apart in the month of August.  My daughters request for her birthday portraits was to have them with a horse.  Thankfully, I have a friend, who is the bombdiggity and her dad happens to have horses.  We made a special trip to get just what she wanted.


And this shot was her idea too. 🙂

Daydreaming: The Jungle Friends

These kids were so much fun to explore the hills with. We had originally planned to do some pictures a week before these, but got blown off of the mountain so we rescheduled. Then I got an e-mail from Mom the day of the new shoot that said their Halloween costumes came and could we do the session in them. Well SURE! They had so much fun, except the youngest who wasn’t quite sure what a gorilla was or why he was in that suit, but in the end, the Gorilla, the Lion, the Butterfly and Tarzan really had a good time in the “wild”.