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Summer Challenge – Day Forty Six

I hate to sew.  My sister, however, is an awesome seamstress.  She sewed these dresses for my daughter and my nieces and wanted to do a dress up session while she was in town for a couple of days.  The littlest wanted nothing much to do with me very quickly, and we were a bit short on time, but still, I loved how they turned out.






flower girl dresses online store

This one looks just like me and my sister when we were little.




Summer Challenge – Day Nineteen

When I was in High School, we put on a production of “The Little Prince”.  I have always loved the movie and the book and the production was way fun. (I was a “grown up”, I had one line and was in one song.)

I decided a while back to get the movie.  My mistake, I bought the region 2 dvd that doesn’t play on our systems.  It did, however, play on the computer, so that is where the kids and I watched it.  And then afterwards I had this crazy idea.  I looked up my high school director and asked if she still had the costume and if I could borrow it.   It has taken me a while to put together the whole thing.  And this was simply one part of what the finished product will be.  My son was jazzed about dressing up in this costume and the kicker was that he got to hold a real sword.

So I am posting this image I did this morning.   I haven’t even started on the process it will take to make this image what I want it to be.  I see long hours at the computer working on what I loathe… photoshop… (I’m a get it right in camera kind of girl.)  But this project, there is no avoiding it and I am about to begin one of the biggest photoshop projects I have ever attempted.  If you never see the finished work, it’s probably because I got so frustrated I smashed my laptop before throwing it into the ponds behind my house.

Summer Challenge – Day Thirteen

I had this big session planned for this morning with my daughter.  Location, costume, lighting… And then I spent last night up about 90% of it with a child and his severe allergies.  When I woke up I thought I was going to be sick.  The lack of sleep seriously took me out.  I sipped some ginger ale and took medicine for my raging headache and rested.  By 9:00 I was so much better, but instead of a session, we ended up in the Urgent Care to deal with my sons vicious allergies (and asthma triggered by the allergies).  I got home and had promised to watch a neighbors boys, so that time was taken up too.  I was complete out of ideas.

Okay, throw something together.  I told my eight year old he was going to be my target tonight and inspired by a PPA magazine cover and some recent tutorials on making composites, I pulled this out of my hat.  I grabbed the goggles from another costume, a pair of suspenders and a solid shirt.  Emptied my cupcake wrappers from one of my storage jars, set my lights and said “son, stand here and look in the jar.”

I got these awesome light images for free at  Composite Planet and set to work.  This was easier than I thought it was going to be, but I attribute it to all the tutorials I have been watching and lighting it right.   Composites are a world I am forcing myself to learn because I loathe photoshop and am a big believer of get it right in camera.  But there are some things you just can’t do in camera.   I may play with this idea more and work some more light into the images, but for tonight, I will call this good.

Master of the Light.


Mr. J. – Utah Childrens Photographer

You may or may not recognize this little guy from other images I have done (remember the little boy in the ape costume on my homepage slideshow?).  He hasn’t always been thrilled with being in front of my camera.  In fact, getting him to smile for me or even be comfortable with me at all has been a real challenge.

But when I got him into the studio this time, he just lit right up and was a serious delight.  I can’t wait to do more!




Is the Crazy Over?

Nope!  It’s not!  My poor website and blog get so neglected because I would rather spend my time doing portraits than sitting at my computer.  I have had so much happening and it’s time to do some updating!   I had posted about my limited edition Santa Portraits, which was a HUGE success!  We were able to help provide Christmas for families in need (more than we had planned) thanks to my wonderful clients and friend and I am already looking forward to next year!  Don’t forget, next year will be different!

Here is a sweet one from this years event.


Now be patient. I will catch you up on what I have been working on since OCTOBER!  Wow!  That was my last post!  Oh, so much has happened, so much fun!  I can’t wait to share!

Limited Edition Christmas Portraits!

Don’t miss my Limited Edition Christmas Portraits.  A magical take on the traditional portrait with Santa. 

December 1st 2012! 

This year’s portrait theme is “Christmas Dreaming”.

Images from my Limited Edition Christmas Portraits are e-mailed to you.  No waiting for prints and ready to use on your Holiday Cards! 

Click on this link to schedule your time slot.


Little Einstein: Utah Child Portrait Photographer

One reason I was inspired to reschoot my scientist set, is that my almost four year old is obsessed with the show “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”.  The lab coat from the images is actually his lab coat.  He had to have one just like Flint Lockwood and he sits in his “lab” (the bottom of the hall closet) and invents anything “spray on”, shoes, hugs, pizza…

So of course I had to use my little man in some of these images too.  But he pulled so many faces that this was the best we got.


As I was going through this set of images, my husband says to me that the images would be so much better with a chalkboard behind him instead of a white wall.  (Yes, my husband is brilliant.) So Back to the studio we went for take two.  This time I brought a little girl also, put them in front of my chalkboard drop, and I just love the result.

Madam Curie

And my Little Einstein

The Scientists: Utah Child Portrait Photographer

A few years back I did a series of pictures for a local preschool to decorate their classroom walls.  It was a lot of fun but I always thought I wanted to reshoot them with all the new knowledge I’ve gained over the years and really make them awesome.

One of them was a scientist looking at a “test tube” (They were skinny flower vases), with colored water and dry ice and watching what happened.  I decided to start by reshooting this set first and decided to use the little brother of my original scientist.  As we got going we ended up letting both littlest brothers dress up and have some fun.




Back to School Portrait Event – Utah School Photographer

I’m having my Back to School portrait event coming up on September 8th! If you know me, you know I don’t like repeating myself too often so I try to give you variety when I do my sets each year. I’m getting great feedback on this year’s set, which I just love. Here is a peek at when you ‘ll get with this year’s school portraits.

Check my Facebook Page for details on times and to make an appointment!





It’s also the perfect set for High School and Jr. High School kids!





Born to Box

One thing I love is bringing to life visions that I have in my head.  I like to search for items or props or costumes and then create something from it.

About a year ago I had found these vintage boxing gloves on ebay.  Then I searched and searched until I found these vintage boxing trunks.  So now I needed a boy.  Finally, today, after planning in detail for the last week and getting everything together for this shoot, my good friend brought her little guy to be my boxer.

Oh, I am so in love with these images.  I have so many more, this is just one, but I couldn’t wait.